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2 years ago

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I support a response to something that has kept me looking for a great number of years. I mean, in 1975 I was working for a company in London, lived in the north, my wife and me, momporn was invited to a company party. What about the train home from London, is what I'm looking for all these years. The train had reached the old-style golf course with courses, achieved with two seats in them all the seats were 4 or 5 people, both momporn my wife and I had a lot of drinks consumed at the party, we in one compartment and sat down. asleep in the seat of the other was a man, my wife was face down, was always my fantasy to see what happened to my momporn wife, so after the journey that began with the feet of my wife, she sat had on a dress, began to momporn slide up the legs, lay down with the drink. A as the trip wore her dress was pushing all her legs and she was not wearing pants socks exposed, I stared at the man sleeping in the Old TestamentHeadquartered in the hope that up, they saw another man put his hand in the hallway peeking through the blinds. The next thing I remember is waking up to the station when I saw some of my women's clothes and took off his pants and she got back, was the man who was asleep in the seat of another missing. ask her many times in recent years, what has happened, he said, as she knew he was in a drunken sleep, but I said that I enjoy. My question is, if the man who had fallen asleep, or the one reached in the course, is there, then email momporn me what happened, my wife and I have been divorced for a couple of years, but I can not even get this from Mystry my opinion.

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